Our customers trust us to making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal interruption for the customer. Every day we work hard to continue to earn that trust. Not only do we offer superior house interior painting, we also offer commercial interior painting. Our interior commercial painting will help your business sparkle and give it an appearance your clients will love!

Interior Paint Preparation

Here is some of the preparation we do to ensure each job is done right.

  • Cover and protect all furnishings and floors.
  • Hardware will be removed and re-installed. This includes curtain rods, window latches, switch plates and cover plates. Door knobs, thermostats and alarm system hardware will not be removed.
  • We will scrape, patch and sand walls.
  • Before applying final coats, we will re-inspect and patch walls as necessary.
  • Wall and ceiling cracks will be filled with spackling compound. When the compound is dry, we will sand it smooth. More advanced cracks will receive an application of fiberglass joint tape, and will be spackled and sanded smooth.
  • We also will scrape and sand rough areas created by previous paint failure.
  • Glossy surfaces and trim will be sanded and cleaned to assure proper paint adhesion.
  • We will apply a stain sealer to water and tannin wood stains.
  • We will caulk cracks in wood trim and along wall/trim interfaces.
  • We will clean up and vacuum work areas at the end of each day. Debris will be taken away.
  • When the job is completed, unused paint will be labeled and left at the job site.