How to Paint a Room

The right order when painting is important. Start with the ceilings, then the walls, and end with your trim.

If ceilings are part of your painting project, start along the edges. Using and angled bristled brush, paint a strip along the edge where the ceiling meets the wall or crown molding. Hold your brush near the base of the handle, dip the bristles halfway down into your paint bucket and gently tap the sides. Don’t wipe the bristles or that will take off too much paint. Paint with enough pressure to bend the bristles slightly, but not too hard to the paint may drip. Here and important part. You want to switch over to the roller while the edges are still wet to give the best finish. Using an extension poll on your roller can make things much easier than a ladder. 

Using and angled brush, start by painting along the edges between your ceiling, walls, and windows/door trim. Don’t forget to cover the inside corners. Then using your roller come as close to the edge as possible. Carefully overlap the areas you trim while they are still wet. rolling in a capital “N” pattern. Work towards the area you just painted, overlapping onto the wet paint. This will give your walls a uniform looks once dry. For larger spaces, you may want to edge and roll one side of the room at a time. 

Trim or Molding
Allow your walls to thoroughly dry before applying painters tape on painted walls near trim. Check out our section on how to prep walls for taping on tips for tape. 
Apply the paint in one direction using one smooth stroke. Start subsequent stokes of the brush in a dry area working towards the wet painted area. Remove tape by slowly pealing the tape back over itself. 

If you still have questions, just ask us. We are always happy to help!

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