How To Clean Newly Painted Walls

So you just had your walls painted and now you’re wondering how to keep dirt, dust, and grime away. Well, you can’t stop walls from attracting dirt, but you can preserve the newly painted beauty and extend the life of your paint with a few good cleaning habits.

Regardless of paint type, regular dusting can help. Before any washing, run the dust brush attachment of your vacuum along ceilings and walls and wipe your walls with a tack cloth or cheese cloth.

General Washing
Remember to wait at least two weeks before use any water or clear on your walls after they have been painted. Ordinarily, all you will need is a soft cloth or sponge with a mild soapy water. Too much water can ruin your paint finish so thoroughly ring out your cloth. then wipe by applying gentle pressure in a circular motion to remove any left over cleaner.

Spot Cleaning
For spot cleaning a scuff mark or stain, try mixing a paste of baking soda and water. Gently rub the solution over the problem area then rinse with a sponge and dry with a soft cloth. To be safe, test your cleaning solution a technique in an inconspicuous area first. If the paint stills looks bright and there are no water marks, you are good to go.
For some other hard to remove stains such as grease stains on walls, try using a grease cutter such as household dishwashing soap.

Touch Ups
Nicks and scrapes happen in every home. The ensure your touchups match the surrounding areas as close as possible, use the paint from the original can. If you need to buy more, make sure it is not only the original color but the same sheen. Adding a little water to a latex paint, 1 part water to 10 parts paint will help the touchup blend into the surrounding finish. Use a separate container for mixing as you are not adding water to the whole can of paint. Touch ups on sections that were originally painted with a roller, use a small trim roller. If the paint was originally brushed on, use a brush. Apply a small amount of your tough up paint and gently roll or father the area.

These walls have had a lot of love put into them, so continue that love with a little TLC. Tender loving cleaning.

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