How to Choose Paint

Gloss – Semi-Gloss – Satin – Matte – Flat

These are the 5 most popular types of finish and the right choice is usually determined by the area of your home you are painting. 

Gloss: Had an extremely hard and shiny finish providing a smooth rich luster. Wood Trim cabinets doors, or any areas you wish to highlight. They are also the easiest to wash. 

Semi-Gloss: Also very durable and great for high trafficked areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, closet doors, trim, and utility areas. Has a mix of wash ability of glosses, and the some in imperfection hiding benefits.  

Satin: Nicks scuff marks and stain, kitchen, family room, foyer, hallways, and kids bedrooms. 

Matte: Soak up light good for hiding surface imperfections. Work best in adult bedrooms. Great for uneven or textured walls. 

With this knowledge you are now ready to shine. If you still have questions, just ask us. We are always happy to help!

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