How to Choose a Paint Brush and Paint Roller

Paint Rollers
Paint Rollers are preferred for larger surface areas and can be easy attached to an extension pole for a greater reach. There are also mini rollers for smaller or tighter hard to reach spaces. Selecting the thickness of the roller cover or “nap” depends on the surface you are painting. For most smooth surfaces such as drywall use a shorter nap such as 1/4” or 3/8” to bring out the best paint finish. A heavier nap 1/2” or more is better for applying a thicker paint or heavier coating. A thicker nap is also recommended when the surface you are covering is porous like masonry. Textured like stuck or has many nooks and crevasses like brick and mortar. A thicker nap hands more paint, so it will reach deeper and spread more evenly on these type of surfaces. 

Paint Brushes
use paint brushes for detailed work along edges, seams and corners, and trim. A high quality brush helps give a better looking finish with less effort because it holds more paint and apples paint more evenly. You also won’t have as many bristles falling out stick to your painted surfaces. A nylon, polyester, or nylon/polyester blend bristles brush works well with latex paint. Oil based paint, varnish, or shellac, or polyurethane, should be used with a nylon/polyester blend brush or a natural bristle brush. 2 and 2-1/2 sized brushes are great for covering trim. Angled bristles make it easier to paint your trim or create a strait line around edges. Strait bristles are best for applying paint on large flat areas. 

Selecting the right roller cover and brush matter to getting your project done right. If you still have questions, just ask us. We are always happy to help!

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